About The Clinic

Based in Brisbane, the Naturopathy clinic has been operating for more than a decade since the year 2000 and has seen thousands of clients in that time with many repeat customers and referrals during that time.

The clinic makes use of various naturopathy technologies.

A naturopathy dispensary provides a full range of naturopathic medicines in various forms such as herbal liquids, tablets, powders and some homeopathics. A range of liquid herbal extracts are on hand which can be used to prescribe herbal formula to address each person's specific needs.

Often a person will require a combination of medicines in order to assist healing and I will always try to accommodate the form of medicine to the request of the client. Some individuals have problems with the tastes of liquids and prefer tablets whilst others are the opposite and then there are many who just don't care as long as they get results. The main thing is that I like to listen to my clients and give them what they feel comfortable with and not try to force them to do anything they don't feel comfortable with doing.

Overall the clinic is designed to be functional and convenient as well as provide a relaxed atmosphere and privacy.